Mukesh Chhabra is a highly successful international casting director, having many feature films and innumerable television commercials to his credit. Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company (MCCC) was founded globally in the year 2008 by Mr. Chhabra; today it has evolved to become one of the premier internationally renowned casting companies in the entertainment industry. The reason for the company’s runaway success is the keen eye of Mukesh Chhabra which discovers talent and a strong belief in the motto that the best parts written in film and television deserve the very best actors to play them. Mukesh Chhabra is well known in the industry for his style of unusual casting, wherein he takes risks by selecting an artist for a role completely dissimilar to him which leads to spectacular results. MCCC puts a lot of effort into understanding the character and his varied motivations, vetting the aspirants thoroughly to ascertain their potential and capability with regards to the position to be filled. The reason for the recognition of MCCC is because they help create a distinct and rich array of layers due to the varied characters they find in films and TV shows. MCCC is widely regarded in the industry for finding the right background artistes due to its wide reach, coverage and delivering that talent to the best in the business.